Oriux Bus Interfase Unit (BIU)

The Oriux TS2 NEMA Bus Interface Unit (BIU) is a rack mounted modular-by-function unit that allows easy adaptation to many applications.

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Our BIU is in full compliance with NEMA TS2 Standards for the interface, power, environmental, electrical and physical hardware requirements.


Its primary function is to interface the 24 VDC logic based inputs and outputs (I/O) to the Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) serial bus within the TS2 cabinets.

The Controller Unit functionality in a Type 1, and some Type 2 configurations, is interfaced to the TS2 cabinet through the BIU(s). This functionality includes controlling all load switch outputs, detector inputs and resets, and functions previously accessed via TS1- A,B,C connectors and/or additional I/O (MSD).




  • 4.5” H x 2.34” W x 6.5” D (114.3 mm H x 59.44 mm W x 165.1 mm D)
  • 0.525 lb. (0.283 kg)
  • Operating voltage system from 18 to 30 VDC, 200 mA
  • Temperature range from -30°F to +165°F (-34°C to +74°C)
  • Full compliance with NEMA TS2-2003
  • Port 1 RS-485 SDLC interface
  • Facilitates high speed data exchange between controller, cabinet, detector racks and malfunction management unit
  • Performs conversion for 24VDC I/O logic signals to serial bus
  • Rack mounted for modularity and Interchangeability
  • BIU address programmable via Terminal and Facilities


  • The Port 1 15 Pin D Connector meets the requirements for the physical layer and the protocol for the full duplex SDLC serial data bus and is in full compliance with Sections 3.3.1 and 8.6.2 of the NEMA TS2 -2003 Standard.
  • The BIU card rack connector is a 64 pin DIN 41612 type B series connector with pin assignments as specified in Section of the NEMA TS2 Standard.
  • Address select inputs shall define the logical position of each BIU.
  • The BIU positions 1-8 are designated for Terminals and Facilities (TF) and BIU positions 9 -16 are designated for Detector Racks.
  • Currently up to 16 detector channels are assignable per BIU allowing up to a maximum of 64 detector channels.
  • BIU positions 5-8 and 13-16 are reserved for future expansion requirements for TS2 or reserved for manufacturer specific functions.
  • The BIU is powered by a separate 24 VDC power supply external to the Controller Unit.
  • The front panel contains a handle for easy removal and insertion of the unit,power on and transmit status indicators, a 15 pin female Port 1 connector and an optional RS232 connector.
  • The BIU interfaces to the Port 1 facilities termination panel through a 15 pin metal shell D sub miniature type connector that is equipped with latching blocks.
  • Connection to the Terminal and Facilities (TF) backpanel or card rack is provided by a 64 pin DIN 41612 type B series connector.

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