SG-1000 NEMA MMU2 and Conflict Monitor

Oriux sets the new standard for NEMA Conflict Voltage Monitors and NEMA Malfunction Management Units with the SG-1000 Series Monitor

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This is the new and only alternative in Malfunction Management Unit, meeting and exceeding all the requirements of the NEMA TS-2003 specifications and supporting Flashing Yellow Arrow operation


Our SG-1000 MMU2 offers an improved display for the dynamic status display of each input on each channel and a large keyboard that reduces menu steps and complexity in the data entry system and eliminates the clutter and confusion of multiple dip switches.




  • Operating voltage system from 89 to 135 V AC at 50/60 HZ. There’s also a 220V option from 89 to 265V AC at 50/60 HZ
  • 0-95% non-condensing humidity
  • It meets NEMA environmental standards
  • Compatible with NEMA TS-1 12 channel or NEMA TS-2 16 channel
  • Operates from -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)


  • Supports Flashing Yellow Arrow per ammendment 4 of NEMA TS2-2003
  • Exceeds both NEMA TS1-1989 functional and environmental requirements for a conflict monitor and NEMA TS2-2003 for functional and environmental requirements for an MMU. USB port is an industry 1st
  • Records high and low voltage conditions. Initially brought in Double Diamond, continued in SG-1000
  • Voltage measurement and display of all signal indicators for each channel and color input for TS1/TS2
  • 4 x 20 yellow OLED - fully operational over temperature without the need for backlight or contrast control
  • Event log - downloadable to USB flash drive or to PC through USB device port or optional serial/Ethernet port
  • User-friendly, menu-driven 16-key data entry system has tactile and audible feedback, eliminating the need for cumbersome dip switches
  • Front panel USB device port, optional EIA232 or ethernet, for printing the event log and all user settings and program card jumpers
Logging & Recording

Event Logging & Recording

  • Logs 200 events including reset
  • Voltage log records outside of users thresholds
  • Replay mode allows a user to view the last twenty GYR displays prior to a fault
  • Real-time clock provides time and date stamp in each event to nearest second
  • Logs complete channel status at time of fault
  • Keyboard options allow separate printing of event log and unit settings

Additional Features

  • 12 channel NEMA TS-1 and 16 channel NEMA TS-2
  • Compatible with both NEMA TS-1 and TS-2 Standard compatibility programming cards
  • Viewing of Port 1 RS-485 R-Y-G status in addition to field status of R-Y-G AC inputs
  • Dedicated RESET button for simplicity
  • Selectable latch options for CVM and 24 volt faults
  • Enhanced absence monitoring allows absence detection with Walk input
  • Enhanced channel monitoring permits selectable color fault combinations
  • Enhanced signal sequence monitoring feature is compatible with all NEMA controllers
  • Individual channel absence timers
  • DC input for remote flash command
  • Non-volatile retention of fault status and logs; displays all channels and colors when power is restored

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