ADR Pulsar Traffic Counter/Classifier

If you need road tube based traffic studies that are cost effective, simple to perform and provide highly accurate results, the Oriux’s Pulsar is your solution.

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The Pulsar stores traffic data as time-stamped "events" in a state-of-the-art, rugged, small and lightweight electronic module. Pulsar Reporter software uses the data collected by the Pulsar to produce a variety of traffic studies including volume, axle based classification and speed.


Pulsar is the latest, portable traffic data recorder from Oriux, the industry leader for decades. The Oriux pedigree ensures that Pulsar will provide years of reliable, highly accurate performance. Pulsar reliability is achieved by combining a rugged, lightweight, single piece, aluminum housing with encapsulated electronics and lithium battery.

The advanced electronics, combined with an extremely refined data processing algorithm, enable study accuracy comparable to the Oriux ADR1000, the "workhorse" of the traffic industry.

Whether you need a small, lightweight option for producing accurate vehicle classification and speed studies, or you are looking for an alternative to the limited capabilities of simple tally accumulators, Pulsar is your solution.



Hardware Features

  • Records time stamped, event data (e.g. wheel strikes on road tubes)
  • Compatible with optional Oriux Street-Link for:
    • "One-button sync" to GPS location and time
    • Easy in-field monitoring of vehicle detection by road tubes
    • Performing quick check of Pulsar battery and memory
  • Rugged, black anodized, single piece aluminum housing with thick walls
  • Dimensions: 5" X 4.2" X 2.2" (12.7 cm X 10.7 cm X 5.6 cm)
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds (771 grams)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40ºF to 185ºF (-40ºC to +85ºC)
  • Inputs:
    One or two road tubes:
    • Custom, "stepped diameter," barbless road tube nozzles: Easily & securely accepts standard 3/16" ID, %"ID or mini-road tubes
    • Generous space around nozzles allows easy road tube mounting and removal
    • Supports spacing between road tubes to as small as 2 feet.
  • Electronics:
    • Fully encapsulated
    • Memory:
      • Store events for more than 1 million vehicles.
      • Memory can be erased for "unlimited" re-use
      • "No limit" on number of studies stored by a unit at one time
    • Processing precision: 30.5 microseconds
  • Communications: USB standard B type connector, sealed, washable, gold plated contacts
    • Compatible with, low cost, commonly available USB cable (sold separately)
    • Up to 12 Mbps communications speed enables transfer of data for typical traffic study in seconds
    • Custom molded, attached rubber seal; "instant" open & seal without tool or key
  • Power:
  • 5 years minimum operation encapsulated lithium battery no re-charging
  • Security: Two extra-large (2 inch long) oval openings allow easy use with chains, cables and locks (security cable and locks sold separately)

Software Features

  • PC based compatibility for Windows 7 and above
  • Simple to use, intuitive, graphical user interface
  • User selectable study type, and report options including time & date range
  • User selectable reports for vehicle volume, classification, speed and PVR depending on available data
  • Ability to re-run data to produce new studies
  • Advanced algorithms provide excellent data accuracy for typical road types and traffic conditions
  • Graphics output capability
  • Export data to other software using any of more than 10 formats including PDF, XLS, CSV, Oriux PRN
  • GPS data, when loaded into Pulsar by the optional Street-Link, enables access to Google Maps to verify study location
  • Import image into reports for customized headings
  • Monitor operation of road tubes in real-time using PC connected to Pulsar
  • May be used to choose and extract a subset of stored data to create a unique study file
  • FHWA Scheme F vehicle classification or user selectable class scheme
  • Pulsar Reporter software is provided with Pulsar purchase


Oriux warrants this product against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for three years from date of shipment from Oriux. Specific contracts and regional laws may vary or alter these terms.

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